Remove Mold in Basement DIY Projects

Remove mold in basement is not an easy job to handle because the problem usually is quite severe that it requires the professionals to take care of it. But it doesn’t mean the occupants don’t have any role in terms of taking care of their house. At least, it is the occupants’ responsibility to identify the mold, locate the place and make the first call to manage the problem. It is important to take care of mold as soon as possible before it spreads and destroys other parts and interior.

Before the Removal Begin

Remove Mold in Basement DIY Projects
Remove Mold in Basement DIY Projects

As the occupants, your responsibility is to identify the mold and prevent it in the first place. Basically, mold can grow anywhere inside the house wherever an abundance of moisture appears especially when it has happened a long time. It can appear on the ceilings, floors, walls and even the interior. Basement in this case, is the most vulnerable area due to low air circulation. Basement is also the location of windowsills and shower walls which allow the mold to live. Identifying and removing mold is important because it can cause health risks like asthma, allergic reactions and other types of respiratory complication. In general, there are different types of mold including black mold, white mold, blue mold and the green mold.

Basement Mold Removal Step by Step

Getting rid of mold in basement is definitely not a job that can be completed within hours especially the severe one. It takes at least days and lots of efforts. That’s why some occupants prefer to hire professional and pay for basement mold removal cost. But if you opt to take care of it yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the Area

Once you notice mold in the basement that mostly appears on the wall, your job shall begin. First of all, remove any affected items so you can access the location where the mold appears. If any interior has to be thrown away, do it. But if some furniture can be salvaged, keep it.

  1. Scrubbing

Mold occurs on the area with extra humidity and moisture. In the basement, the mold often occurs on the wall that you may have to remove and replace it in order to get rid of the mold.

  1. Assess Damage

While doing the work, make sure to assess the damage as well by assessing the wall condition and the severity of the condition due to the mold. You need to replace the wall if it has been compromised or covered with bluish or black splotches. But if the wall is covered with mold yet is still structurally sound, it doesn’t need any replacement as the mold should be possible to remove using cleaner.

  1. Get Rid of Mold

It is time to get rid of mold using water/bleach solution. Use rag or sponge to apply the solution on the affected areas. If you can get a hand into good commercial solutions, simply grab it and use the product.

  1. Use Stain-Blocking Paint

Now that the mold has gone after the cleaning, you need to use stain-blocking paint to prevent the mold from occurring again. Your job to remove mold in basement now has been completed.

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