What You Should Know about Black Mold in Toilet

You have found Black Mold in Toilet and you don’t know why it is there and the reason it can happen. You don’t need to be confused. It’s normal and it’s indeed a problem. You need to solve it fast; otherwise it can become the difficult problem to deal with later.

Why Black Mold Shows Up in Toilet?

Black Mold in Toilet
Black Mold in Toilet

The main reason why mold can grow and shows up at several place is because its moisture. The moisture is too high at that place, which create good environment for fungus to grow. How about toilet? Isn’t it toilet can be categorized as the place that always wet? The main black mold in toilet causes is the ventilation.

The water or moisture that leaves behind after you use it also has big part. But, if your toilet has good ventilation or fans that can make the air flow smoothly, the chance of mold is pretty much low.

The other cause is when you leave your house for long time, like when you have vacation or business to other town for couple weeks. Usually, if you don’t close the faucet correctly, the water keeps coming out.

Then the stagnant water can increase the moisture and make the right condition for mold to grow. The worst case is when the black mold happens in the toilet tank. Mostly, black mold in the toilet tank is unnoticeable after a long time, because it’s rare for people to check this part of their toilet. They realize after the black mold has spread and become worst. Of course, if you are cleaning your toilet regularly, which is the real thoroughly cleaning process, you can find it immediately and clean it up.

How to Clean Black Mold in the Toilet?

First, you need to equip yourself with the right protective gear, such as a glove or goggle to protect from black mold in the toilet dangerous effect for health. Next, flush the toilet, so you can remove the water from it. Use vinegar and water mixture to clean the black mold inside the toilet. Wipe it with cloth or brush if necessary. Then flush it to remove the remains of the mold. Repeat the process, until the black mold is removed. That’s easy, isn’t it?

The Danger of Black Mold in Toilet

Actually, mold won’t cause any harm, if it’s on a mild level. However, if it enters a severe level, where you can find several layers of mold, like a black mold ring in the toilet bowl, it can cause many problems. Respiratory problems, skin irritation, and even asthma attack can occur because of too much exposure to black mold.

So, when you find it, do not waste your time. Just clean it right away to prevent any of those problems.

That was what you need to know about Black Mold in Toilet. By knowing more about this problem, you can prevent its attack in the future. Plus, you also can take the precaution act, when you find it. If you think you can’t deal it by yourself, do not hesitate to call professional help.