How to Deal with Black Mold on Carpet

Most of people aren’t aware about Black Mold On Carpet problem that they have. They only find it after it becomes difficult problem to deal with. Therefore, it’s important for you to understand more about this matter, to prevent any bad effect from black mold to you and your family.

The Cause

First, you need to know what the cause of mold on carpet is.

The answer is the same with other mold case, which is the moisture. Unfortunately, carpet or rugs are the material that can hold the moisture really well and for longer period of time, compared to other material in your house. Therefore, it’s not so surprising, if you find black mold in your carpet.

Locate the Mold

The first thing to remove mold from carpet is finding its location. To do this, you must examine the carpet thoroughly. Make sure you open the covered part, so the moisture that was trapped in there, will be released. Then, you also need see the carpet material condition.

If it’s beyond repairable, you need to throw it away. You need to keep the material inside closed plastic bag when you throw it. Or, you can always ask the professional to do this for you.

How to Remove Mold from Carpet?

Black Mold on Carpet
Black Mold on Carpet

How to clean mold from carpet? After you find it, make sure you wear safety gear. Goggles and gloves are important. Then, first, you need to damp little bit the affected area. It will prevent the spores to spread and infected other area.

Next, examine the padding and floor under the carpet. If you find the black mold also infected this part, use a scrubbing brush and a mixture of soap and water to clean it. Do it until the entire black mold is removed.

Then, mix water and bleach with 10:1 for each part. Then, use a spray bottle to spray it to the mold. The bleach can kill the fungus, including the black mold. Therefore, with this method, you can kill it thoroughly and prevent it from growing in the future.

After you kill it, the next mold removal carpet step is rinsing the sprayed part. Use hot water, so it can remove all of it. Then, use paper towel or any other method, to dry it out. Make sure there is no moisture left behind, otherwise it will become another great place for mold to grow.


Controlling the humidity level in your house is the best prevention method for avoiding mold grows back on your carpet.

Use humidifier or keep your room ventilated. And of course, clean your carpet or rugs regularly, to make all spores that stay on it disappear. This is how to remove mold from the carpet easily.

However, the most important thing is keep you aware about this problem. That is the only way to make your house free from this problem. And of course, it will give you more benefits. It can make your carpet stay longer and avoid any health problem that is caused by the Black Mold On Carpet.

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