How to Deal with Black Mold on Concrete

Black mold can attack any building part. It can damage the part of that building, which was attacked by black mold. The worst of all, it also can affect the health of people that live in that building. One of serious problem you can have is Black Mold On Concrete.

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Black Mold Grow on Concrete

Black Mold on Concrete
Black Mold on Concrete

Why can black mold grow on concrete? Basically, any mold, including black mold, can grow on wet or damped place. As long the requirement is matched, spores can lay there and grow, even though it’s concrete.

Mostly, the concrete part where black mold can grow is the area where it doesn’t get ventilation or under the shade. For example, the basement is the common area. If you don’t have good ventilation for this part of your house, and there is water leak, either from your pipe or outside, black mold can grow.

The other area is patio. The black mold on concrete patio case usually happens after rain or damp weather. If you don’t clean your patio thoroughly, the fungus can grow. It can happen, because the patio area is the area where it covered by canopy and such. Therefore, it has lack of sunlight, which becomes the best place for mold to grow. Usually, on the edge part is the common place where this mold grows like Removing Black Mold on Windows.

How to Clean Black Mold on Concrete

Actually, cleaning black old on concrete is easy to do.

The problem is the spores that spread onto the air that can affect your health and spread to other area in your house. Therefore, you need to take precaution when you clean it. Make sure you wear good quality protection gear. Wear N-95 respirator and goggles to protect you from spores.

Now, the process to clean black mold on concrete wall or floor, basically is the same. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Mix half cup of bleach with one gallon of water until it’s diluted. With this amount of mixture, you can clean 5 square feet wide area.
  2. Pour the mixture to the affected area and wait for 15 minutes.
  3. Make another mixture, with one cup of bleach with one gallon of water.
  4. Take some of it with scrub and brush the concrete area where it was affected.
  5. Make sure you scrub it clean until it disappear or fade.
  6. Spray it with water until all the mixture removed from that area.f
  7. The last part, make sure that part is dry.

With those steps above, you can clean black mold on concrete floor or wall easily. Just make sure you pay more attention, so it won’t spread around. So do it gently.

Make sure after you do all the process, you do the treatment to your house concrete area regularly.

Make sure it’s not damped, it get ventilated and clean from any debris. This will help you to prevent any Black Mold On Concrete attack and protect your house in the future.