The Guide to Black Mold Smell

What does black mold smell Like? This question seems like silly question. However, this is important question, if you want to deal with black mold. In fact, knowing the smell of black mold can become the most important first thing to do, to prevent further damage caused by black mold.

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The Smell of Black Mold

Actually, we can’t determine the fixed odor that you can use easily to notice, if there is black mold in your house or not. However, according to many people, the smell of black mold is like rotten wood or leaves. Some other people also say that the black mold smell like rotten paper or wet socks.

So, basically that is what you can use to determine what does black mold smell looks like. The other thing that you also can notice is the air feels damp and wet. Usually, the black mold has already infected, when this condition occurs, even though your room has good ventilation. You also have already opened the window.

Black Mold Smell
Black Mold Smell

To make it easier to know, if there is black mold in your house by using its odor is detecting by using the smell above.

And, if in your house there is no material that you think can produce those kind of odor, we can say that that’s mold smell. And, you need to find the location as soon as possible.

The bad thing is when black mold has already produced odor like that; we can say that the black mold problem is quite severe. Therefore, you can expect that there is damage on the infected area. So, you may need to prepare to remove or throw away the material. The worst case is when the black mold attacks the area behind the wall. It will be difficult to find and detect.

How to Remove Mold Smell

Now, after you find out that there is the smell, what you need to do next is removing the smell.

So, how can we remove mold smell? First, you need to remove the spores that floating in your room.

You can use the ventilation system in your house to do this. Once you do this, the smell will be disappeared. However, that’s only for case where mold only infected small area. If it attacks larger area, you need to do this method.

  1. Scrub the mold off,
  2. Collect the mold inside the plastic bag and close it tightly,
  3. Use ventilation system or vacuum the room to keep the spores from spreading to other room,
  4. Isolate the room with plastic sheet when you clean it, to prevent the spores fly to other room,
  5. Use bleach solution to clean the area and room, then rinse it with water,
  6. Let it dry completely.

What does black mold smell Like? All what we said above are the answer of this question.

Now, you know how to detect black mold. And of course, with all methods that mentioned before, you also can deal with it, including cleaning and preventing it to happen in the future.

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