Green Mold Problem and How to Deal With It

Green Mold is one of common problem that can happen to any house. Although we can’t considered it as dangerous mold, but it will damage your property and reduce its value. Therefore, it’s important for you to understand more about this problem, so you can find best solution for it.

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What Is Green Mold?

Green Mold Problem and How to Deal
Green Mold Problem and How to Deal

Before you know the green mold removal method, first you must know more about what green mold is. Basically, green mold isn’t the name of one type of mold. It’s only a way to call the mold that has green color. There are many types of mold that can appear greenish like this one, such as Aspergillum, Penicillium or Cladosporium.

Usually, green mold in bathroom or other place in your house will have dark spot. This spot is the area that has many layer of this mold. This part has lot of spores keep inside. Therefore, if you disturb this area without preparation, the spores can spread. The spores can travel through air to other room in your house, and grow into mold at there. You need to be careful, when you deal with this area on green mold.

Green Mold on Food

Green mold also can grow on food. In fact, food is the best place where molds can grow, because the mold can get nutrition from it. So, it’s not strange to see green mold on bread or other food. Now, the question is, is it safe to consume food with green mold? The answer is no. Some people, indeed, try to eat the part that has no green mold grow on it, because they think it’s safe. That’s also wrong.

When you find green mold on food, it means that the mold has spread its root until the deep part of that food. More than that, the spores also spread and land on the surface of that food. Therefore, even though it’s not visible, there are still mold spores on that non-infected part. So, it would be better, if you throw that food away.

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How to Remove Green Mold

Black Mold PicturesNow, to remove green mold, there are several solutions you can use. First is fungicide and vacuum that has HEPA filter feature. This is the method to deal with a severe green mold problem. You also can ask for help from professional when you have this serious problem.

However, if you have mild level green mold problem, you can use the vinegar method. Mix vinegar with water and spray it on green mold. Of course, you can’t use it on green mold on cheese or other food.

But, if you find it on wall or other part of your house, you can use it. Then, use a damp cloth to clean it up.

Basically, if you find Green Mold in your house, you don’t need to panic. Just see how severe it is (by looking at the number of dark areas), and use the solution that fit with that condition.

By using this method, your house will be free from Green Mold problem.