How to Prevent Pink Mold in Bathroom or Shower

Pink slime is not allergy, pink slime is bacteria, it is animal and not vegetable. Like I said it is naturally occurring. In fact you will not you’ll not only find pink slime growing in swimming pools, but you’ll also find it in your bathtub in your sink in your toilet, anywhere where there is moisture, if you’ve noticed over the years you have to clean the bathtub and the toilet bowl a little bit more often it has this orange look that’s not metals that’s that is pink slime.

So we want to treat it the other problem is white water most whitewater molds a naturally occurring fungus, it’s more oftentimes we will find both of these together and the pink slime grows on top of the whitewater moat, better yeah if you want to say that is that both of these grow on top of a biofilm and biofilm, is just as it is a simple bacterial film that is found on and we pool surface and when it gets a catch it just begins growing. Many years ago there were people who truly believed that thinks vitamin white water mode were problems of bug waianae throws and that is so far from the truth.

How to Prevent Pink Mold in Bathroom or Shower
How to Prevent Pink Mold in Bathroom or Shower

In fact our very first Pink Mold in Bathroom and white water mold problem was was discovered with one of our customers and she’d been helping her battle this issue for a couple of weeks and one day she called us up and said I found the source of our problem, you’ve got to come up to the house so I went up there and managed to get the chemical reps to come up with me and what we saw was that and as she’s as our customer saw when she was adding fresh water into her pool, there was a little glob of pink slime and white water mold going from her garden hose into the pool.

So the problem is environmental, if you’re going to be filling your your your pool with your garden hose which more than likely you are it’s best to run the garden hose for a couple of minutes to hopefully flush out any excess bits, one thing to keep in mind is that what rutter mold and Pink Mold in Bathroom typically grow in areas that you cannot reach, so they will grow in or behind lights the insides of skimmers, the backs of a return fin if you take your take the eyeball off and you look at the back you’ll find a little bit of pink sometimes going in there.

Underneath your skimmer basket they may seem like high circulation areas but in reality they are they’re poor circulation areas, you’ll find that stuff growing in shady areas of the pool as well, such as around a return fitting or around a skimmer faceplate.

How to Remove Pink Mold in Bathroom

How to remove mold and mildew from shower or bathtub caulking, to remove mold and mildew you first have to understand that it’s an actual living organism and it has to be killed in order to be removed. The most effective way to do this would be to spray bleach directly on to the caulking or problem area itself. Spray it kind of thick just like this go all the way down, and then obviously you let it soak and let it sit you can do this for maybe 5 or 10 minutes and you’ll actually visibly start to see all of the black and dark spots going away and that’s actually the mold and mildew dyeing, see also All You Need to Know about Pink Mold In Shower.

How to Prevent Pink Mold in Bathroom

You want to take then a scrub brush after you’ve let it soak for maybe 10 minutes come back through a toothbrush works great too, and you just scrub and what this does is it removes all the debris and there will be quite a bit of it obviously there’s some caulking here for the demonstration but this caulking is kind of needs to be replaced and so you’re not really going to see as if as an effective results as you would on your own shower with real caulking, you just take the toothbrush or your scrub brush work it down and there’s going to be a lot of black debris coming off with it after you’ve completed that step and scrubbing and removing the leftover debris from the mold and mildew

Pink Mold in Bathroom

You want to wet down the area with your showerhead or you can also use spray mildew and mold remover and wipe it out with a paper towel make sure you dry the area really good because the moisture is what will always bring it back. Again we’re mold clean and we just demonstrated how to remove mold and mildew from shower and bathtub caulking.

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Another thing to keep in mind with white water Muldoon pink slime is that they are not pathogenic in other words they’re not harmful, they can’t harm you they just look awful and so to prevent that and to prevent some other food water problems we want to treat them pink slime in wet water Mon also have an affinity for PVC piping in other words white water Malden thinks nine white plastic piping, so your pool is is all the plumbing is made with plastic pipe, using plastic plate so it is naturally going to grow there if you’re having a pink slime a white water mold problem within the pool itself the odds are is that the filter system is completely contaminated, because it will grow throughout the filter system first before coming out into the main pool.

When you’re treating How to Prevent Pink Mold in Bathroom or Shower and white water mold you have to remember that these problems are incredibly resistant to chlorine bromine peroxide any kind of shock, if anything they will absorb some of that material, so in order to get rid of it you have to brush the pool and therefore we talked a lot about rushing the pool and doing regular maintenance. When you are vacation proofing the pool during the midsummer consider taking the matter on clean underneath all of those ladder treads we will find pink slime or white water moment when you begin to have a serious problem you will notice that you start burning through a lot of chlorine or a lot of sanitizers and that’s normal, because you’re putting an excess bacterial strain on the instrument.

One of the great ways that you can that you can combat Pink Mold in Bathroom and white water mold and we’ve been we’ve had excellent success with this over the past two or three years and that’s using a product called aqua finesse. Aqua finesse pool water tablets are designed specifically to remove the biofilm, if the biofilm is on the pipe it’s on the inside of the pipe and then on top of it you have white water mold and pink slime, the Aqua finesse will help to slough off the entire bio phone as it does that it gets trapped in the filter and can think and be backwash been cleaned out as you continue to use the aqua finesse it will continue to alleviate and minimize and for most of our customers who continue using an aqua finesse their pink slime and white water mold problems are essentially cured and taken care.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that you are following all of the five keys to clear, the five keys to pool care art good circulation good filtration proper cleaning proper testing and water balance and proper water chemistry.

Follow all of those rushes the pool maintain it know what you are fighting and you’ll have actual success.