The Mold Questions: How to Remove Mold on Bathroom Walls?

Mold is surely an interesting case to have, so that is why I am going to tell you how to remove mold on bathroom walls. Mold on the walls might not be that dangerous to handle, but they can be an unpleasant sight to the eye.

Bathroom Mold Removal: The Basic of Mould

Remove Mold on Bathroom Walls
Remove Mold on Bathroom Walls

If you are not familiar with the term bathroom or if you have not even heard of the term, you are in luck because I am here to tell you about bathroom mold. It is important to know and to get them right before you can handle them. After all, nothing is even more important than analysing your enemy before you strike at their weakest point, no?

Bathroom mould, like I said before, is an interesting case mainly because it is such a silent ‘killer’. They will come as they please and will only go after you have cleaned the mold. They are not poisonous to the body per se, but they can be disgusting to look and step on. They are also smelly (damp like smell. You get it), which should add to the list of why you should get rid of the thing.

If we talk about the physical appearance of a bathroom mould, then bathroom moulds will share the look with a skid mark, albeit smaller in appearance. It has the look of black, thin, stripe thingies and it can be found virtually in almost every small crack or the corners of your bathroom, thats Toxic Black Mold. The chance of it appearing will increase when your bathroom does not fulfil the standard bathroom pre-requirements (a visible ventilation being one of them), so if you want to make a bathroom, do make sure to make a bathroom with all the prerequisites fulfilled, okay?

If there is one more thing to add, I have to press that bathroom moulds are NOT dangerous to the body (and soul). Unless your bathroom got carpet as the flooring (which will turn you into the weirdest person ever in my eye), the mould that grows on your bathroom will not be dangerous at all. They are just nasty, that is all.

Can you tell me an easy way on how to get rid of mold in bathroom?

If you want to do it the easy way, there are several substances you can throw and rub on mould to get rid of it quickly. Those substances are vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach. Getting rid of them is pretty easy with those substances; just take a few drops, ‘sprinkle’ them over the moulds, brush it with a bathroom brush or whatever, and lo and behold the mould will hide itself like it has got the worst facial scarring ever.

But for the love of the God, DO NOT EVER MIX ALL OF THE THREE TOGETHER. The logic behind this might be that the mix will be stronger in killing mould than by itself, right? Well, it might be stronger, but it will be so strong that the mixture can kill the moulds AND you.

Preventing mold in bathroom is easy as well. You just have to make sure that your room is well ventilated, and that your room does not contain materials with cellulose in it (fabrics are cellulose, and so does asbestos).

Written above are the things you need to know about moulds and what you can do to make sure that they are gone forever and after. Hope this article on how to remove mold in bathroom walls can help you.