How to Solve Black Mold Pictures in Your House

Black Mold Pictures or artistic shape of mold on your wall maybe looks beautiful. However, you need to remember, this is black mold we are talking about here. This is one of dangerous type of mold. Therefore, you need to do something to solve this problem.

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Identifying the Problem

The first thing you need to do is identifying the problem before you take any action to solve this black mold problem. First, if you find black mold pictures on drywall we can say that the black mold has already spread and grow inside the wall. You may need to open up that wall layer to find more molds before you remove it. Just be careful, because this method can spread the spores. Ask professionals if necessary.

Black Mold Pictures in your house

Now, if you find black mold pictures on ceiling, that means there is problem on your roof. It could be leaking. So, solve that problem first, before take care the black mold. This picture also can be sign that the black mold problem also occur in your attic.

For Black mold pictures bathroom, that means your bathroom has bad ventilation. Bathroom naturally has a high moisture level.

Therefore, mold can easily grow here. The one that can prevent the mold growth is good ventilation. With good ventilation, mold spores that floating around the air in your bathroom can be throw out along with the air flow. Fix the ventilation and you can start to remove the black mold in your bathroom.

Black Mold Pictures in your home

Other than that, you also can find Black mold pictures on wood. Wood is one of the best places where mold can grow. Wood can keep more moisture, and it is organic material, which is coincidentally, what mold need as food.

Black Mold Pictures in bedroomThis is also the reason, why your wood furniture, especially those that you place outside your house, like patio, has big risk to get black mold. And, it’s not only wood part. You also can find black mold pictures on concrete. This is also similar to wood, because concrete especially that is located outside your house has become great place for mold to grow.

Removing Black Mold and All of Its Pictures

The first step to remove black mold is removing the source of the problem. It has been mentioned above. So, after you do that, you can start to remove the actual mold itself. The simple way is by mixing 1 cup of bleach and 2 liters of water. Add more bleach, if you think the black mold problem is severe.

Mold PicturesThen, damp the black mold area with wet cloth. Make sure, when you do this, you wear protective gear, like mask and goggles. Then, spray the mixture and wipe it clean. Then, use vacuum to clean the left over spores.

The method above is simple and you won’t have problem to find the ingredient to make the solution. You can find it from your kitchen. And, to make sure, the Black Mold Pictures won’t come again, you need to keep the room has good ventilation system and clean your place regularly.

Black Mold Pictures