How to treat mold on walls and prevent it in the future

Treat mold on walls
Treat mold on walls

Today to demonstrate about mold and how to prevent mold on walls it and treat it so this is a typical example of black spot mold on the wall. It’s an outside wall and you can see the black spot mold here growing on the surface of the wall and also into the window reveal molds are generally speaking black that we can have some white colored moles as well but this black one, Aspergillus is a particular common mold that we find mold can be cleaned by using a mold cleaning kit, the core start spraying on the wall should consider personal protection wearing safety glasses and a dust mask which comes in most markets is really useful.

Dust in the typical home contains particulate matter such as pollen bacteria, mold spores, and highly allergenic dust mite debris.

Reducing the amount of dust in the home will considerably improve indoor air quality and help alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms, as well as help, prevent other common respiratory illnesses that result from breathing these particles.

There’s no escaping dust in your home, which contains particle such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria and highly allergenic dust mite debris.

Controlling the dust that collects in your rooms will improve your home’s air quality and help you breathe easier, especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma.

In case you suffer an allergic reaction to any of the chemicals being used this is the mold clear chemical it contains bleach and it’s perfectly safe to use in the home but do use it in a well-ventilated area I’m now going to apply the mold clear onto the wall with a spray gun and then wipe the wall down with a sponge working into the wall.

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Then we’ll leave that now for about 30 minutes the next stage is to take a cloth in hot soapy water just ringing that out now and we’ll wipe the walls down to neutralize the chemical treatment and finally using the cloth works.

Mold on walls and prevent it in the future

Well into the wall surface wiping over the surface where we treat it with the mold clear chemical neutralize that and make it completely harmless if you find the treatment you have some black shadows on the wall from the mold then we have an additive mold clear additive which goes into paint and this helps reduce the re-emergence of mold back on the wall in the future the biggest cause of mold is condensation condensation can be greatly reduced by increase in ventilation within the property such things as opening trickle vents making sure fans are operating correctly opening the curtains during the day so we get good air circulation around the trickle vents and windows and then keeping furniture such as beds and wardrobes away from the external walls to improve air circulation will offer a great improvement to the condition of the property.