Is Bleach Mold Effective to Kill Mold?

Bleach mold is a famous mold killer. Is it right? There are actually commercial mold killer products containing bleaching material. The active material in chlorine bleaching is natrium hypochlorite but it consists of much more water. Cheap bleach mold actually can be found in supermarket. You can often see it to give label as bleaching not chlorine bleaching.

Is Bleach Mold Killer Working?

Bleach mold killer kills bacteria and virus. It is able to clean the surface while you are using it. This bleach is also killing the related mold. Spore and allergen from mold can be neutralized as well. Bleach will kill mold growing on no-pores surface such as mirror, tiles, bathtub, and countertops.

But, bleaching is not fully killing mold growing on the drywall and wood. The bleach cannot absorb any pores substance and only mold is growing on the surface.

How to Kill Mold with Bleach Mold Cleaner

Is Bleach Mold Effective to Kill Mold
Is Bleach Mold Effective to Kill Mold

Before you start to remove mold, you need to prefer the bleach product. Bleach mold cleaner is a recommended bleach product. After you have chosen it, it is right to open windows and doors for ventilation in that area. Bleach can damage your skin. It is better to wear gloves. You may put on eye protection as well. Start to mix bleach with water.

The ratio is a cup of bleaching per water gallon. It is about a part of the bleaching to one per ten water ratio. Make sure that you check the directions about bleaching if it is recommended differently. Next, apply bleach to the moldy surface. You may use spray bottle, cloth, or sponge to remove mold. The bleach can slowly destroy cloth. So, it is impossible to use it anymore.

Is It Necessary to Use Bleach Mold Removal?

It is not suggested to use bleach mold removal to kill and throw away mold. Bleach is a kind of chemical substances and better to apply natural killer products. Some alternative products are vinegar and borax.

Bleach also loses its strength by its time. Even, if the bleaching product is not opened, within 90 days, it will lose 50 % of its effectiveness to kill mold.

The weakness is corrosive feature. Bleach gets worse materials and pores fibers. The gas from bleaching can destroy your lungs. If the bleaching product gets your skin, it can give burned wound from chemical compound. There are some worries about dioxin bleaching. This is a very poisonous and carcinogenic feature. It can make birth an abnormal condition.

Bleach mold can make dioxin in a process like wood pulp bleaching. Fortunately, a study has found that bleaching cannot form dioxin when it is used for cleaning mold household materials. The needed materials for bleaching to form dioxin usually cannot be found while you are cleaning the house.

The bleach mold is not effective to remove mold from some kinds of materials such as carpet and layer. Bleach will not kill mold on the metal or pore materials. Try to concern on every type of pore material and surface. Those are some considerations before you apply bleach mold.