5 Ways on How to Get Mildew Smell Out of Clothes

Have you ever get out your clothes from wash machine for a while? You may find musty smell out of clothes.

The musty clothes smell unpleasant. It is not fresh though it was washed recently. It may be caused by mildew making the clothes smelling unpleasant. It is required to apply some ways to get mildew smell out from your clothes.

Open Your Wash Machine Door

How to Get Mildew Smell out of Clothes can be conducted by opening your wash machine door.

You have to let the door for one to two hours after you remove clothes from the washing machine. It enables the washing machine dry and has good air circulation. It is surely affecting well to prevent mildew on the sealed wash machine door. The mildew can be a causing factor of musty clothes or green mold on clothes.

Using High Quality Detergent for Preventing Musty Smell out of Clothes

How to Get Mildew Smell Out of ClothesWhat else are the steps on how to get mildew smell out of clothes without bleach? You should let detergent shelf opened when you want to wash your clothes. It prevents mildew formed in the shelf.

The mildew can be dragged into the washing container. It makes your clothes smell badly because it contains bacteria spreading to the clothes.

It is important to always high quality detergent and use the minimum number of detergent. The use of detergent is not mean to always clean. It is actually making you difficult to rinse your clothes. Finally, it is able to hamper wash machine causing it musty and smell badly. So, choose the best detergent for washing your clothes.

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Drying Your Clothes Really Well

If you can’t get a mildew smell out of clothes, you should apply this following way. After you wash your clothes, it is better to dry it very well. Make sure that you have dried it. When your clothes are not really dry, it sometimes makes bad smell. Of course, the smell cannot be removed from the clothes.

You may hang it on the open or sunny area. If it there is no sunlight, you can dry it with a dryer. Wet clothes can smell very bad when it has been dried. Thus, don’t keep wet clothes into the cupboard. You have to make sure that a thick item to be dried first before taking it out.

Using Vinegar

The next way is using white vinegar. This is aimed at refreshing the wash machine and smell out mold from clothes.

Pour 500 ml of white vinegar to the detergent shelf. If you like, you may add a cup of baking soda to the drum of the wash machine. Then, run the hottest cycle and follow to rinse the other clothes while you’re washing it.

Using Tea Tree Oil

The last way is using tea tree oil. If you forget to remove clothes from the wash machine, you can pour 3 drops of tea tree oil with detergent.

This is useful to prevent bad smell on your clothes. Tea tree oil is able to kill the unpleasant smell from your clothes. Your clothes will be fresh anymore.

You can apply those steps and ways if you want to minimize bad smell on your clothes. Those can be applied easily while you’re washing your clothes.

The ways can be applied based on your needs. When you require a particular way and get successful, you don’t continue to the further step on How to Get Mildew Smell out of Clothes.