Mold The Mould: Nasty Mold in Crawl Space

Having to face nasty mold in crawl space is like having to face the nastiest harmless creature ever; you know the thing will not harm you, but you do not want to touch it because it is nasty. That is why I am here to help you get rid such mould.

Crawl spaces under a home provide a great place for mold to grow when water and moisture get into them. You need to remove the mold to keep it from spreading into your house and causing health problems to family members and pets.

About the affliction itself

Mold in Crawl Space
Mold in Crawl Space

People with smaller house might not know what crawl spaces are, but people with larger house will certainly know them. Crawl spaces are spaces beneath your house that you can use to ‘hide’ cables and plumbing away from unwanted sight. You use them if you want to create a complex plumbing and cabling system so that the cables and the pipes will not show up in your house.

It is basically a place to hide the things that worked behind the curtain, so those things will not ruin the beauty of your house. Sure these things (cabling and pipes) can help you decorate your house, but not all of us got the eye for decorations, and these things are better left hidden.

Moisture can collect under your house and create the perfect conditions for mold to grow in the space. You need to remove the mold before it can start to spread into the house.

While crawl space might be very useful for the thing I have mentioned above, it is also a ripe ground for many other beings to grow. One such living being is mold (or fungi and NOT mushrooms). Mould, although not inherently dangerous, can be bothersome for some. It does not look good, it will ruin the integrity of your house, and it ‘smells’ to say at the very least.

When it smells, it smells so bad that it will also destroy your nostrils and your taste palate at the same time. The worse ones will do that, so make sure you obliterate them before it gets worse.

Why do mould grow in such places?

In this era, we got several housing prerequisites that need to be fulfilled in order to prevent mold and whatnots from entering our house. Those prerequisites might include ventilations and other things that can ‘expose’ a bit of your house into the fresh air. All is well if you got ventilations, no?

Nope? Because crawlspaces are like spaces that are not included as a part of your house. You make crawlspaces out of your own whim, not because a housing master told you so. You make crawlspace to avoid having to see cabling and pipe all over the house, and to prevent things from entering your crawlspace and chewing your cables out, you have to make sure that there are no cracks left unclosed in the crawl space.

This here, the fact that crawlspaces are tightly enclosed, is the main cause of mould in crawl space. There are no other reasons than that. Mold spores are known to cause allergies and can negatively affect you, your family, and your pets. Cleaning out the mold is something the average homeowner can do by themselves.

Crawl space mould remediation

Ridding yourself of mold depends on how severe the mold infestation is. If the mold is not that thick, you can use hydrogen peroxide based liquid to get rid of them. Just spray, brush, and you will be done with it.

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The more severe mold infestation, however, would require a bit of effort from your part. Crawl space mold removal, at its thickest, will require effort and money mainly because you have to rent or get surface blaster. Surface blaster will blast that thick mold to oblivion, ridding you of the dreaded things forever (as long as you make some adjustments after the first infestation).

Getting rid of mold in crawl space will require some effort from your part, but the price is surely worth it.