What is Penicillium Mold Health Effects and How to Deal with It

Penicillium mold can be said as common mold that grow on many houses in this country. But, like other mold, there are also penicillium mold health effects that you need to pay more attention. If you don’t care about this matter, it could bring worst effect that you will regret later.

The Allergic Effects of Penicillium Mold

Penicillium mold is one of the tame type molds. It won’t give you any problem. However, in some people, it can give one of bad penicillium mold health effects. Most of people that are affected by Penicillium mold are those who have health problem, such as asthma and other respiratory problem. Babies also have high risk to get the bad effect.

Penicillium Mold Health Effects
Penicillium Mold Health Effects

Most of effects of penicillium mold on health are similar to the symptoms of allergy problem. The spores of this mold fly and enter your body when you take a breath. Then, it will affect your body from inside.

The effects are varying. The most common allergy effect is sneezing, itchy eyes and nose, watery eyes and nasal congestion. Usually, it can only happen if you live or stay in an environment that has many Penicillium molds. So, as long you clean your place from this mold, you can avoid any penicillium mold health risks.

The Dangerous Effect of Penicillium Mold

However, some of type of Penicillium can release mycotoxin. This is a dangerous and toxic substance that can harm your body. Most of the Penicillium molds that release this toxin grow on food and organic material, such as Penicillium aspergillus.

Therefore, you may need to pay attention on that kind of place, so you can avoid penicillium aspergillus mold health effects.

So, what kind of dangerous aspergillus penicillium mold health effects you can get? According to research, if you are exposed to mycotoxin, you can have limb paralysis effect, cardiovascular problem, vomiting and convulsions. The most common effects that it can cause are the allergic effect mentioned above. However, on this dangerous type of mold, the effect will be way severe. You may need serious health treatment to deal with it.

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How to Remove Penicillium Mold?

To avoid any dangerous penicillium mold health, you need to remove the mold. It’s simple to do.

Just use the mixture of vinegar and water with composition 1:3. You also can add bleach if you want. Then, spray it on the mold area. Wait for a few minutes. This mixture will kill the mold. Then, remove it with damp cloth. But, you still need to be careful, because there are spores that can spread and make the mold grow on another place. A damp cloth is necessary to remove the spores as well. Use vacuum is necessary to remove the spores from air. You also need to wear protective gear when you clean the mold, such as a goggle and mask.

So, those were some of the penicillium mold health effects that you need to know.

With right prevention and deal with the mold problem in your house, you can minimize the effect. And, with that, you also can prevent the mold to damage your property. Basically, you will be freed from mold.