Shocking Pink Mold Facts That You Did Not Know and Should Be Aware of It

You may ever find mold in your ceiling at home or in your car interior. But, you may also know that mold has only black or green colors. Actually, mold has few different types of mold like black, white, brown, yellow, green, and pink. Yup! Pink mold may look so cute and is known as a pleasant color but this type of mold is quite dangerous for you and you probably do not know. Here, we would like to share what pink mold is and various surprising pink mold facts that you need to know!

Pink Mold FactsOne of pink mold facts that there are various bacteria or fungus that have a pink color when it is growing. In fact, there are two-types of fungus that are commonly known as pink mold including Aureobasidium and Fusarium. Those bacteria grow and spread like a small fiber. It has various shapes depending on the level of infestation. You may commonly find it as a pink spot or a slimy layer. Pink mold facts can also grow on food with other mold colors like green and gray mold? In addition, pink mold is not similar with other common types of mold like green or black, like what you know that the first growth is actually bacteria. However, the pink mold also highly need your consideration because it can damage health risks and be deadly too. One of other pink mold facts that it is very dangerous because it can cause severe health condition.

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There are several risks of pink mold you need to know and aware of it. First, it causes allergic reaction like rash or sneezing, urinary tract infection, bronchitis, respiratory infection, pneumonia, poisoning for those who eat food with pink mold, and bladder infection. Your babies, kids, elderly people and people who have problem with their immune system are those who can be easily affected by pink mold. So, you should put your attention to pink mold and other types of mold because it is harmful for your life.

Other pink mold facts are shower and bathroom are the most moist place as the ideal habitat for the growth of pink mold. You should put attention in your bathroom, shower, wet toilet and other moist places because those places are the most preferred habitats for bacteria because of a large amount of filth that bacteria love. You may commonly find the pink mold in any spots in the bathroom, in the tub, sink and it may also grow around the insulation and the ventilation, the sinkhole, and on shower curtain or walls. In addition, the last thing of many pink mold facts is that the pink mold can grow on the surface of particular foods like bread and dairy products. It can spoil and poison them and you may not have a delicious dinner plan. Most of the people think that food with pink. Mold is okay as long as you do not eat, but it is wrong because a moldy food have number of dangerous bacteria. So, that’s all mold facts that you probably did not know.