Some Simple Ways to Remove Black Mold in Shower

The black mold in shower can be totally annoying. That is because the mold is surely one thing that annoys the aesthetic look inside the shower. In addition to that, mold can also be considered as a problem for your health, especially black mold.

For your information, there are some different types of molds that you might want to know. The classifications can be roughly divided from the color of the mold such as white, green, blue, red and black mold.

To make it simpler, most of the bright colored molds are not as dangerous as the dark-colored molds. That is because the bright colored molds are still considerably new so that you can easily get rid of the molds without having to wait for the molds to grow worse.

However, if the molds have grown darker, even black, that is a sign of the black mold in shower health risks.

If you have found something like that inside the shower room, you will need to start cleaning up the mold inside the shower room. You will not need to worry about the cleaning because there are some simple ways that you can do to clean and get rid of the molds that you find in the shower room.

One of the simplest ways of how to get rid of black mold in the shower is using hydrogen peroxide, you can see full how to get rid of mold. To do this kind of cleaning method, you just need to put the hydrogen peroxide of 3% inside the spray bottle. Adding some vinegar can also be useful. After that, you just need to spray it to the black mold in the shower. Make sure you spray all of the molds evenly. After that, you just need to simply wait about one to two hours and you can wipe the shower to clean it.

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The next way to clean the black mold in the shower that you might want to try is using borax. This one is quite effective, but you need to be careful when you are using the borax. For the start, you need to mix a bowl of borax with some water; a gallon is enough. After that, you need to vacuum the area of the mold to make sure everything is clean and the spores will not spread out when you are cleaning the mold. After you do that, you just need to simply brush the area that you have vacuumed before.

For your information, if you are asking how to remove black mold from the shower using borax, you have to wear the proper glove to make sure that nothing will go wrong during the process. This way, you can clean the mold safely without having to harm your own health.

Black Mold in Shower
Black Mold in Shower

If you think that the mold is not as dangerous as the black mold, you can simply try the simple and easy way to clean the mold from the shower. However, this last method is considered as something that you can only do if the mold is not that much.

For the start, you will need a cup of bleach, full bleach. After that, you need to fully soak some cotton coils on the bleach. The next thing that you need to do is placing the soaked cotton coil before on the area where you find the mold. You need to be careful if you are learning how to clean black mold in the shower this way since the bleaching can be harmful for your skin. Therefore, you will need to use something when you are pressing on the bleached cotton coil. After you do that, you just need to wait for six to eight hours and rinse everything. You will find the mold is gone.

If you have removed all of the molds from the bathroom, you might need to do the prevention method to make sure that the black mold in shower will not go back to the shower room. You can easily reduce the humidity inside the shower just by opening the window after shower. As In addition to that, keeping most of the wet areas dry inside the shower is also one good thing to do to prevent the molds to come back.