What You Should Do When You Get Black Mold in Attic

Black Mold in Attic could become one of serious problem, because attic is area where people rarely check it. Therefore, in most case, you find this problem after it has been entered worst stage, which can affect you and your family health. But, why can it grow in that area?

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The Causes of Attic Black Mold

Basically, it’s the same like other area mold, the moisture. When moisture is collected in attic, the mold spore can grow well at there. You can see if your attic has too high moisture by looking at the nail in it. When it has high moisture level, the nail, especially the small one, will have rust on its head.

Black Mold in Attic
Black Mold in Attic

The bad ventilation from other room is also the causes of mold in attic. Instead flowing outside, the moisture from other room that has bad ventilation will naturally goes up to your attic.

This hot air meet the cold air in attic, and it will create higher moisture level in your attic.

There is also a case, where your house doesn’t have a good insulator between the attic and roof.

If it is the case, the snow that piled up on top of your roof can bring moisture inside the attic. And, because you use a lot of heaters in the cold season, it will boost black mold growth. If this is what happens to your house, you may need to replace and remodel your roof. It can increase the black mold in attic removal cost, where it should be much lower than that.

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How to Remove Black Mold from Attic

There are two methods of black mold in attic removal you can use. First is preventing it, before it happens to your house. The other method is using the standard method to kill and remove black mold.

The prevention method is easy to do. You just need to check your roof for leaks. Make sure there is no leaking problem and if you find one, fix it immediately.

Make sure your house ventilation system work well and capable in making the airflow to the outside. This will remove the spore and reduce the chance that it will grow into black mold.

The standard method for mold removal attic is simple. You can use tea tree oil. Mix it with water, put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the affected area. Make sure you shake it before you spray it, because oil and water isn’t mixed well. The other method is using white vinegar. It’s the same way like tree tea oil. Mix it with water and spray it on the mold that you find. This will kill the mold as well as prevent the mold to grow back in the future. Of course, you also need to make sure that the ventilation and another factor that cause mold to grow disappear as well.

Basically, solving black mold problem in your attic is easy to do. Follow the methods and prevention way, and your attic can be freed from the black mold. If you have a problem, you also can ask help from professional, if you think you can’t deal with the Black Mold in Attic.