How To Remove Mold From Walls (Drywall)

How to effectively clean mold from your walls and how to get rid of mold on walls, before you start cleaning the area, locate, and repair the source of the moisture, you want to do this because the mold will continue to regrow even after the wall has been cleaned, if you’re not able to find what’s causing the mold growth, consider consulting a professional. The EPA recommends consulting with a licensed mold remediation specialist for areas over 10 square feet, you will need the following supplies: gloves, dust mask, safety glasses, scrub, brush, detergent, sanitizer, paper towel, fan, and a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.

Remove Mold From Walls
Remove Mold From Walls

Always remember to use personal protective equipment when dealing with mold. Here are ten simple steps to remove mold from your walls,

  1. Open windows to allow ventilation
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter to carefully remove any mold spores on the surface of the wall, HEPA filters are capable of trapping extremely small particles such as mold spores, this helps to stop them from dispersing into the air.
  3. Once the wall has been vacuumed and begin by applying the detergent to the brush or directly to the surface
  4. Begin to scrub the wall in a circular motion avoid saturating, the wall because this could provide an additional source of moisture for the more.
  5. After the area has been thoroughly scrubbed use a cloth or paper towel to dry the area
  6. Clean the area by wiping it down with a sanitizer like Lysol disinfectant wipes, this helps to kill any remaining molds pores on the surface of the wall
  7. Dry the area again with paper towels or cloth, at this point, it’s normal to see some stains remaining on the wall surface, don’t worry this doesn’t mean that there’s still mold present on your wall
  8. Place a fan next to the wall to allow the area to dry for 24 hours, in this video we used an industrial-grade fan, however, any fan would serve this purpose
  9. After 24 hours assess the area and repeat the process if necessary
  10. After the wall has been completely dried some stains may still be visible at this point the wall can be repainted the mold will not regrow as long as a moisture problem has been addressed.

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