What You Should Do If You Find Black Mold in Bathroom Ceiling

When you find Black Mold in Bathroom Ceiling, that’s the sign that there is a serious problem happens in your house. Maybe, the mold has already spread to other area through the ceiling from your bathroom. However, you don’t need to worry. You can solve this problem with several methods below.

Clean the Black Mold in Bathroom Ceiling

How to treat black mold in the bathroom ceiling? First, you need to determine the severity of the affected area. You can do it easily by looking at how big the affected area is. If it’s only ten square feet or less, you can clean it by yourself.

But, if it’s more than that, you may need to call a professional. Now, here we have a method for small area cases (see : How to Deal with Black Mold on Concrete).

Black Mold in Bathroom Ceiling
Black Mold in Bathroom Ceiling

Prepare the equipment and your bathroom before you clean it.

The equipment is standard protective gear, like goggle, protective suit, and gloves. Then for your bathroom, make sure you close the ventilation that connects your bathroom with another room. This will protect you from black mold bathroom ceiling toxic spores as well as prevent it from spread to other rooms. And, make sure you open your bathroom windows, so the spores can go out of the room.

Now, you are ready to clean.

How to Clean

It’s simple. Here are the steps, to clean black mold in the bathroom:

    • Make solution that consist of mild detergent and warm water,
    • Use the solution to wash the affected area,
    • Make sure you apply it on the entire affected area. Do not leave any part behind, which can cause another problem in the future.
    • Let it dry,
    • Make bleach and water mixture and apply it to the affect area,
    • Leave it for 20 minutes,
    • Then clean it.

Treat the Ceiling

After cleaning black mold in the bathroom process is finished, you need to do another prevention step. You need to remember, even though it seems disappear, it doesn’t means the spores isn’t survive.

To deal with it, you need to use a solution that consists of borate-based detergent on the affected area. After you apply it, do not wash it. This solution will prevent the spores to grow in the future. More than that, it also can remove the bacteria and fungi in that area.


You also need to prevent it by repairing the water leak in your ceiling. This is usually the main cause of black mold in the shower ceiling. Then, you also need to make better ventilation. Airflow will make sure the spore won’t stay too long in your bathroom, which can cause black mold. And of course, you must clean your bathroom regularly. This will remove mold spores that enter your bathroom.

Those were the simple steps you can use to clean Black Mold in Bathroom Ceiling. But, the most important thing that you need to do here is cleaning your bathroom regularly. This is the best way to prevent any mold attack in the future. And, whenever you find the mold, clean it as soon as possible.