How Can We Removing Black Mold on Windows Easily?

Mold or mildew can attack any part of your house. Windows isn’t exception. In fact, this is the area that has higher risk to get black mold problem. Now, what is the effective method for Removing Black Mold on Windows? Here are methods to remove black mold from your windows, see also How to Remove Mold on Bathroom Walls.


Preparation Removing Black Mold on Windows
Preparation Removing Black Mold on Windows

First, you need to prepare some of tool and ingredients. The tools that you need are mask for keeping the spore to be inhaled, vacuum cleaner, rags, rubber gloves, ladder if the location is out of your reach, empty spray bottle and bucket. The ingredients for making the mixture to clean black mold are white vinegar, water and baking soda. You also can change the white vinegar with fungicide that is specially made for cleaning black mold around windows.

Identifying the Mold

Although the black mold is visible, you still need to check every corner of your windows and do not miss any part. If there is still mold left behind, it can grow and spread over the other part of your window.

So, open the frame, look at the glass edge and inner part of the frame, to find the mold. After you find it, it’s time to clean it.

Cleaning Process with Dry Clean Methods

First step for removing black mildew from windows is using dry clean method. The method is simple. First, make sure you wear the mask to protect you from spores. Then, use vacuum cleaner to remove the spores from every area that was infected. Then, clean your vacuum nozzle with vinegar.

Make cloth dampened with it and wipe it clean.

Clean Mold with Wet Cleaning Methods

You can only use this method, if your windows aren’t dry and dampened. Use gloves to protect your hand and dampened cloth with water. Wipe the area, where you find the mold.  But, do it slowly, so the spores won’t spread to other place. This method only cleans the surface.

So, you need to do the next step to remove the mold completely.

Next Step Cleaning Process

Both, wet and dry cleaning process are only for cleaning the excess mold. Now, after you do it, you will know how severe your mold problem really is. If it’s not too severe, you can just use the empty spray bottle, fill it up with white vinegar and spray it lightly on the infected area.

Wait for few minutes and wipe it with clean cloth that you dip in baking soda.

If the problem is severe, you can use fungicide and follow the instruction how to use it. After you remove black mold around windows with this method, make sure you check again and do not leave any mold behind.

Preventing the Next Mold Attack

After Removing Black Mold on Windows with all method above, now you just need to make sure your window is ventilating. This will help you to prevent any mold attack in the future on your window area. Of course, you also need to keep the area clean to make it won’t happen again.